Maryland College Graduates


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"Lifehouse Church's Lead Pastor Gavin Brown"

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"First Generation College Bound Recognized for 2017 Forecast: A Generally Positive Vibe"

Catalogue for Philanthropy

"Mentoring Helps Students Gain Access to College"

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"Overcoming obstacles with First Generation College Bound"


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"With help from First Generation College Bound, mother and daughter do so much more..."


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"Coaching in the Community"

 Baltimore Sun

"Laurel educator's vision has helped hundreds earn college degrees" 

The Prince George's Post
"Maryland Legislator, Once Impoverished, Wants To Give Back To Low-Income Students"


"County schools participate in program to help students apply for college"


Laurel Leader

"First Generation celebrates 23rd class of college-bound graduates"

Baltimore Sun
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"Laurel nonprofits receive county Community Partnership Grants"


Laurel Leader

"First Generation founder is LEAD fellow"

Laurel Leader

"First Generation College Bound makes higher education a reality"


Laurel Leader

"Rep. Steny Hoyer and First Generation alumni praise Pell Grant program"

Laurel Leader

"Stepping stones on the way to college"

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“College access program propels Wilde Lake grad to master’s degree”


Laurel Leader

“First Generation College Bound marks 20th year”

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“Darren Hanible talks about how First Generation College Bound helped make his dreams come true”

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“Program marks 20 years of getting students to college”


Laurel Leader

“College-bound program celebrates another class”

Laurel Gazette

“First Generation College Bound honors Class of 2009″

Laurel Leader

“First Generation College Bound celebrates its goals”


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“2008 Annual Celebration”


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“Persevering Despite Family Tragedies”

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“Despite tragedy, Laurel siblings become college graduates”

Laurel Gazette

“College fund founder honored in community”