Maryland College Graduates


The following are websites that are helpful, and sometimes crucial, for students on the college-bound track.

CollegeBoard – The College Board administers the SAT examination, which most colleges require for admission. It also offers some helpful information and tools for college-bound students.

Federal Student Aid – The college financial aid process begins with a form called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All federal financial aid programs and all colleges require it to determine what grants and loans they can offer a college-bound student.

Quest Bridge – QuestBridge is a non-profit program that links bright, motivated low-income students with educational and scholarship opportunities at some of the nation’s best colleges.

Maryland Higher Education Commission – This website of the Maryland Higher Education Commission provides information about state financial aid and offers other college-bound resources.

Maryland State Archives – This website of the Maryland State Archives allows families to identify their state senator and delegates, who all have scholarship funds for which students can apply.

Maryland Leadership Workshops – Maryland Leadership Workshops offers a weeklong summer camp that many First Generation College Bound Homework Club students have attended.

Services 24/7 – Services 24/7 is an online directory for residents of Prince George's County looking for organizations that provide human services – from after school programs, to housing and foreclosure assistance, to veteran services, etc.