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College Success

A select group of 180 twelfth graders are targeted to experience FGCB’s College Success Program housed in six Prince George County schools (Central, Fairmont Heights, High Point, Laurel, Parkdale, and Potomac High). Participating students receive college access services during their entire senior year, including the summer before college begins. Rising seniors and seniors who are from low to moderate income families, who have at least a 2.0 GPA, and whose parents do not have a bachelor’s degree are eligible. Under this model, the FGCB College Success Coach and Program Manager work with 30 students at each college access site and follow them from the time of enrollment through postsecondary matriculation.

At each college success site, there is also a school-based support person, identified by the school’s administration, who is qualified to act as a liaison between FGCB and the school.

Services to students focus on encouragement, advocacy, and empowerment with an emphasis on reality-based financing options. Structured workshops are provided to parents and students on non-academic and school success techniques in post-secondary settings. Workshops are held in partnership with colleges, universities and other higher education agencies. In addition to the workshops, help sessions and individualized support are provided throughout the year for such things as SAT registration and FAFSA completion. After students receive college acceptances, FGCB furnishes matriculation support, working with families to ensure all necessary forms are sent in and all financial requirements are met for the chosen college so that students can begin classes in the fall without complications.

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  1. Complete the interest form below and a FGCB representative will be in touch with you concerning eligibility.
  2. To be eligible, students are required to maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average.
  3. Parent/Guardian is required to attend the Parent/Guardian Commitment Orientation.
  4. There is a one-time non-refundable fee for student enrollment to be paid after you are accepted into the College Success Program.

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