College Retention 

The College Retention Program supports higher education goals to increase the number of FGCB students who complete their college degree in four years. The College Retention Committee and College Retention Coordinator maintain essential contact with FGCB participants and their families during the students’ college tenure. The College Retention Committee keeps in touch by visiting students at their colleges and by hosting an annual social event during winter break for FGCB college students and college graduates. FGCB alumni volunteers give back by staying in touch with students to check on academic progress, remind students and families about continuing financial aid requirements, and offer retention support by phone and email. All FGCB college students also receive encouraging care packages through the school year. All college graduates are recognized at FGCB’s Annual Celebration held in June.

April 12, 2016 - Our College Retention Committee and volunteers assembling care packages that were sent out to students enrolled in our College Retention program.